Domestic Couples

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Offering permanent and temporary nanny services throughout the North West & North Wales. We will introduce you to nannies who are experienced in early years education, who match your families unique requirements, and who are exceptionally reliable.

Domestic Staff Couples

Domestic couples offer a versatile and efficient solution, providing your family and home with a range of support.

Usually domestic couples are either married or they are two individuals who have been working together as a couple, they are therefore experienced at working together as a team.

A domestic couple can take on a wide variety of roles and cover a vast array of duties that would normally take multiple staff, their combined salary and living costs make them a cost-efficient option.

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Resident couples can also keep your property secure while you are away and they are available for countryside estates, city properties and overseas homes. As well as deterring thieves, they can also care for your animals and plants and have the house clean, warm and welcoming for when you return. The duties of a domestic couple will certainly be tailored to your family’s and properties individual needs. For example they can assist you with housekeeping, child care, business secretary or PA, cooking, gardening, estate management, game-keeping, pet care, property maintenance and chauffeuring. You will find that a domestic couple will become a vital part of your family allowing you to travel easily and relax with the family, always knowing that everything is being taken care of.

One of the main advantages of employing a domestic couple is they enjoy working together and often are happy to stay on a long term basis. The other main benefit is they are flexible with their working hours and they are happy to babysit or work weekends. The main request is to be able to take their time off together.

Our service is discreet, and confidential. All our candidates will have completed our screening process and had their references checked, and will have been personally interviewed before you review their profile. Of course we will provide all the information you require and hope to build an ongoing relationship that will support you right the way through the employment of any domestic staff in your home.