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Nanny Recruitment & Maternity Care Agency

Helping busy families find & employ their perfect nanny

We specialise in the placement of full-time nannies with families that require flexible childcare and family support.

Modern families need modern childcare. We understand that traditional childcare isn’t suitable for most working families and that nannies can not only provide childcare but support for the entire family.

Our thorough nanny-finding & vetting process ensures that your nanny has the experience, training, personality and ethics that are important to you. Our service is the most comprehensive in the industry where safety and suitability are paramount.


Maternity Care

Night Care

Happy Nest Recruitment Find a nanny team

We’ve got everything covered

We are a team of mums, dads, and nannies. We are family, and we’re here to make the process of finding a nanny as stress-free as possible.

Together we have a wealth of knowledge including; executive HR, employment law, pre and post-natal education, international recruitment,, business & charity campaigning.

Unsure if the support you require is an option? Get in touch today for some free, helpful guidance and advice with one of our knowledgable consultants.