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Nanny & Maternity Recruitment

Welcome to Happy Nest; the respectful & child-centred agency fostering strong, curious & capable young minds.

The Most Advanced Vetting In Our Industry

Empathy, kindness, and understanding, here at Happy Nest nanny agency we’re focused on supporting your individual needs as a family.

Our nannies and post-natal carers are trusted partners for your family, upholding your values and nurturing lifelong relationships. We believe our role as an agency is to equally care for parents, those who are pursuing their passions, their careers, and their very best selves. You will have complete peace of mind that your children are engaged in a creative environment, with the respectful care of a loving Happy Nest Nanny.


Maternity Care

Night Care

Providing solutions that
traditional childcare can’t

Happy Nest nanny consultants

We’ve got everything covered

We are a team of mums, dads, and nannies. We are family, and we’re here to make the process of finding a nanny as stress-free as possible.

Together we have a wealth of knowledge including; executive HR, teaching & early childhood education, post-natal education, special education, business & charity campaigning.

Unsure if the support you require is an option? Get in touch today for some helpful guidance and advice with one of our knowledgable consultants.

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Is it really possible to be a greener parent AND stay sane?

Is it really possible to be a greener parent AND stay sane?

Is it really possible to be a greener parent AND stay sane? Let’s face it - children are almost as destructive on the environment as they are on your pelvic floor. Kids toy and clothing manufacturers are evil geniuses, endlessly tempting us with cute baby grows and the latest gadgets to make our children cleverer [...]
Childcare de-mystified – Nannies vs Childminders

Childcare de-mystified – Nannies vs Childminders

What is it with the mind-boggling array of childcare options out there? You’ve got au pairs, childminders, nannies, nurseries and preschools – all offering different services at different rates. Making sense of it all is almost as painful as going to the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon with two children and a toddler who hasn’t […]

Yoga & Meditation for Children

Yoga & Meditation for Children

A blog for parents and carers who’d like their kids to CHILL (t.f.) OUT a bit more (so probably all of you)  Hi. How has the last month been for you? The now distant half term holidays, and these loooong bank holiday weekends? The usual glorious mix of joy, noise, exhaustion and extreme chocolate consumption? [...]

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