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Nanny Housekeeper / Nanny PA

Nanny Housekeeper / Nanny PA

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two girls, 16 and 10, and a 6-year-old boy; + 2 dogs

Nanny Housekeeper / Nanny PA – Live Out

Job Ref: HN3689
Location: Marple Bridge, Cheshire
Job Type: Part-time
Salary: £10 – £15 per hour, gross

Are you down with the latest? This position is best suited to a chameleon type nanny who feels like part of the crowd–whether that’s the 6-year-old’s rough and tumble football loving crowd. Or immersed in the world of social media and teenage angst. Although scrap that. There’s very little teenage angst going on here!

Part Time After school Nanny Housekeeper / Nanny PA For Family of Three School-Aged Children in Marple Bridge, Cheshire

Happy Nest Nanny Agency are recruiting a part time nanny housekeeper to join a loving, happy, and friendly Cheshire-based family 30 hours per week.

As the Nanny Housekeeper for this family, you’ll see to the children’s needs in the afternoons & early evening. After collecting them from school, you’ll offer healthy snacks and help with homework. You’ll also prepare the evening meal, and keep the general areas tidy. However, as always, it’s important your key focus is on the children.

This is a very easygoing, chilled household. The three school-aged children–two girls, 16 and 10, and a 6-year-old boy–get along really well together, and they all enjoy a relaxed style of parenting. So good news if you’re conflict averse–you’ll find there’s very little need to dictate rules in this family dynamic.

The family also have two adorable Risla puppers. So you’ll need to be dog friendly yourself, as the pets are a huge part of the family too. As these dogs have needs too, you’ll need to be able to walk them 2-3 times a week, and prepare their food during the weekdays.

Both parents are in the creative industry, and will occasionally work from home.

This position is suited to a nanny who can become an integral part of the family. You’ll be able to really assist with homework and school work. You’ll be familiar with the curriculum and understand the learning objectives.

All three children are still in school. The older daughter is at college. The middle daughter is at a local grammar school. And the plan is for the youngest to move to this same grammar school in the new year. Mr 6 loves all sports, and Miss 10 is well into her netball and hockey, so you’ll be fairly on the go with after school activities in this role.

It’s worth mentioning, that the ideal nanny housekeeper will have a fundamental knowledge in how to provide gentle, attentive, and responsive care that is individual to each child in respect of their needs. You will be warm, loving, caring, and easygoing yourself. Also, you’ll be fun!


  • Monday – Friday; 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm (30 hours per week)
  • Term time, and school holidays (essential)

Note–the family’s current nanny has been with them for three years, and is sadly moving on. So naturally the emphasis is on finding the most lovely, well-suited nanny to fill her shoes. The ideal nanny will be someone looking to make a bond with the children. Therefore, there is a lot of flexibility with hours and days to make the position work for the right nanny.

Duties, Expectations, Roles & Responsibilities:

As this Cheshire family’s nanny housekeeper / nanny pa, you’ll be tasked with organising the children. You’ll need to keep on top of all the moving parts, overseeing logistics like extra curricular activities, school and social commitments. You’ll do this mostly independently, with little input from the parents.

The family has a cleaner, so no cleaning is expected except from day to day tidying up after the children.

Key logistics:
Stay on top of the regular after-school pickups, driving to and from clubs, activities & playdate

Education & Learning:

  • Establish an excellent weekday homework & study routine, with the two younger children particularly. You’ll also implement additional study help as needed
  • Pack completed homework into their school bags ready for the next school day
  • Manage school paperwork and communications that come home in their school bags and action any correspondence
  • Login to the various online school portals and newsletter services so that you can remain on top of school communications and activities

Children’s Health & Wellbeing:

  • Manage and maintain regular dental appointments, and organising doctors appointments when required
  • Prepare healthy tea-time meals for all three children
  • Shop for healthy food when low on supplies
  • Encourage after-school activities and clubs
  • Occasionally take the children swimming at the local fitness club (they have a family membership)

Overall Organisation: (including tidying & light cleaning)

  • Help organise the children for school, so they go to school with the correct uniform, sports kit, completed homework, signed forms and anything else the school day expects from them
  • Prepare the children’s school uniforms and school bags for the next school day
  • Shop with the children for school uniform, fancy dress/play outfits, birthday presents & miscellaneous items
  • Organise playdates and take care of the logistics surrounding them
  • Actively help with all the family laundry, and put away clothes, prioritising school uniforms and sports kit etc.
  • Regularly tidy toys away from around the house into their bedrooms
  • Tidy the cupboard and organise the children’s shoes, coats, hats and gloves
  • Help the children to keep their bedrooms tidy, and clothes & toys in good order
  • Keep the children’s wardrobes organised (they are growing at a rapid pace) and regularly go through clothes to ensure they still fit and that they’re in good condition. Take unwanted clothes to the clothes bank
  • Keep the general household areas in a tidy & clean manner
  • You are expected to label all school clothing and take an active role in finding any lost school items
  • Occasionally organise mum’s dry cleaning

Overnight Help:
There are occasional times, approximately one night every two months when overnight stay help is required. If you are happy to do this, occasional overnight would be a bonus; however, this is not mandatory.

Salary is negotiable depending on hours, qualifications and experience but in the region of £10 – £15 gross per hour. As you are expected to use your own car for this role, you’ll be reimbursed mileage at the rate of 40p per mile.


  • An up to date paediatric first aid certificate
  • A recognised childcare qualification
  • Minimum at least two years experience
  • Enhanced DBS certificate
  • Be a driver with a car
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