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Full-Time Mother’s Help

Full-Time Mother’s Help

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A bubbly 2-year-old boy + new baby

Full-Time Mother’s Help Nanny

Job Ref: HN3723
Location: Coulsdon, Surrey
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: £10 gross, per hour

Full Time Mother’s Help Role for a Growing Family in Coulsdon, Surrey, With A Two-Year-Old Boy and a New Baby Due Anyday.

Happy Nest Nanny and Maternity Agency are seeking a mother’s help nanny to join this young family in Coulsdon, Surrey. This full of life two-year-old boy is about to welcome his new baby sibling. And as such, his growing family are seeking to bring in some added help to support their busy and changing, family dynamic.

With a new baby due to arrive any day now (hopefully this Sunday), they’re in need of an extra pair of hands. This is a long term position, and the family are hoping to meet a loving, and caring Mother’s Helper / Nanny who will become an integral part of the family as the years go by.

Mum and dad are busy business owners. And whilst mum is on maternity leave, Dad is still due in at the office, returning home at 5.30 pm each day to take on bath duty.

Soon-to-be big brother, Mr 2, is a very content little boy with a happy-go-lucky personality. Trains, diggers, and farm animals are his jam. And he even loves simple activities like trips out to do the food shopping! For the most part, Mr 2 is pretty much just completely full of life. Is there a better way to be? So we hope you’re a fan of running shoes because you’ll find he’s full of energy, and always on the go.

Although a word for the wise, he does have a stubborn streak and is very strong-willed. Oh, bless! He sounds just like most 2-year-olds we know! However, he is really sociable (yay) and loves playing with other people. So why not find a playgroup or class to keep yourselves busy. He also loves colouring and exploring.


  • Monday to Friday; 7.30 am to 5.30 pm

Approximately 50 hours per week.

Mother’s Help Duties:

This role is all about you providing a very much needed, and appreciated, extra set of hands. In saying this, don’t undervalue your contribution. This lovely, and fast-growing family in South London are hoping to meet a kind, caring, and passionate Mother’s Helper nanny for the long term.

Given mum is due to have her second baby, literally any day now… [Can you tell we’re excited for her?!] The ideal candidate will be able to help out with some new baby duties as well as care for Mr 2.

Because whilst mum will be there, and very hands-on, we know the true difference it makes simply to have an extra pair of hands to hold the baby while you go pee. Alone. In silence. And just breathe. So we know your contribution, from helping with feeds to taking the odd nappy change and taking 5 minutes to sterilise bottles, is everything.

Switching gears, it’s also important to be conscious that Mr 2 is probably going to need a little extra tender loving care at this transitional time. I mean, it’s not easy going from only child to big brother duties!

So whilst he does go to nursery from 8 am to 1 pm each day (and he’ll be going to prep school in September until 1 pm, and then gradually until 3 pm in time) he will need a little extra attention and support. Be it reading yet another story, or taking both to the park for the afternoon so that mum can have a little me-time.

Also, do you consider yourself a good cook? And love the process? We’ll cut you some slack if you’re not the next Tom Kerridge, but this position does require you to be able to cook.

We’re thinking a little Jamie Oliver everyday meals, mixed with a spot of Nigella because don’t you just love a good dessert?

Plus, we’re betting Mr 2 is keen to get his hands on the spoon for expert taste-testing duties! As a result, Mr 2 loves his food, and so cooking is up there on the list of priorities. Together the two of you will plan and prepare family meals during the day.

As well as helping out with meal prep, throughout the day you’ll also help with the family laundry. And you’ll do your best to keep the children’s areas clean and tidy. Albeit not an easy feat when you’ve got a toddler in wrecking ball mode. Believe us when we say it’s a daily struggle!

This growing family in South London live in a five-bedroom, three-storey house. But just so you know, whilst keeping the children’s areas clean and tidy are on your radar, you don’t need to worry about the entire house. The family do employ a weekly cleaning company. So you’re not at risk of adding a /cleaner to your job title anytime soon.

If you’re keen on this position, then heads up, you’ll need to be a driver with your own car. Although of course, the family will provide you with children’s car seats for your car.


  • You must be able to cook
  • A recognised childcare qualification
  • An up to date paediatric first aid certificate
  • Minimum at least 2 years experience
  • Enhanced DBS certificate
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