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Full Time Nanny Housekeeper

Full Time Nanny Housekeeper

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2 x girls aged 9 and 8, and 1 x 5-year-old boy

Full-Time Nanny Housekeeper – Live In

Job Ref: HN3719
Location: Wandsworth, London
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: £510 to £830 gross, per week

Calling all creatives (and bookworms)! Miss 9, and Miss 8 love reading. And Mr 5, well, he loves Lego. And dinosaurs. So you’ll find there’s plenty to keep you busy with this position. In between organising the household, and the morning and afternoon school drop-offs.

Nanny Housekeeper required for a busy family of five (three school-aged children) in Wandsworth, London, on a full-time live-in basis.

Happy Nest Nanny Agency are seeking an experienced nanny housekeeper for a full time, live-in position with a professional family in London’s borough of Wandsworth.

The needs of this busy family of five – with three children aged 9, 8, and 5 – are changing. And so whilst they’ve always had a nanny, they now hope to benefit from greater help around the house (in addition to afternoon childcare), now that the children have reached school age.


  • Monday to Friday, 7.30 am to 7.30 pm

Additional hours will be available during the school holidays. Furthermore, the ideal candidate will be able to commit to two additional weekday evenings to provide babysitting cover.

Fun fact: Wandsworth is considered to be one of the best suburbs in London to live. Especially with children! With easily accessible transport links (the overground, 24/7 buses, and the District and Northern tub lines), it’s full of bustling communities and you’ve got serious food options to choose from.

Plus, you’ve got Battersea park and the children’s zoo on your doorstep, and the Wandsworth library even lets you borrow ebooks from the digital collection without even setting foot inside. Win!

Nanny Duties:

  • Assist with the morning breakfast routine
  • Help prepare them for the school and do the morning school drop-offs
  • Ferry children to their after-school clubs
  • Support them with their homework and study requirements
  • Prepare healthy snacks and meals
  • Ensure children’s areas are clean and tidy and well-maintained
  • Assist with the evening dinner and bed-time routine

These three children are kind and caring little individuals. They’re also busy little bees. You’ll find they have a good mix of friends, and plenty of interests and activities to fill your days with things to do.

Miss 9 loves her gymnastics and is a keen runner. And although she can be shy, she’s very sociable and has a lovely group of friends. Miss 9 is dyslexic, so you’ll need to support her with her reading and writing, and offer plenty of emotional support.

Being the middle child, Miss 8 is known to be sweet and cute and caring, with a bit of a [adorable] cheeky side at times. She loves reading, and plays the piano, and is doing really well at school. And just like her older sister, she enjoys a good group of friends too.

Adding some masculinity to the mix, the youngest (aged 5) is full of energy. He’s currently learning to count and loves dinosaurs [naturally]. And just like most young children, he also loves Lego. Which is great for supporting and developing his fine motor skills, his problem-solving skills, and also his budding architecture skills [maybe we’ll have the next Grand Designs winner].

But perhaps not so ideal for your week-day cleaning routine. Be sure to check for Lego before you sweep bare-foot through the house with the hoover. Those little blocks are evil to the feet!

Each day you’ll help with the morning routine, and do the school drop-offs. The children’s school is only a five-minute walk from home. So you’ll find it’s easily walkable (even with London weather). However, as the children do attend after school clubs, you will need to be a driver for this position.

Wandsworth Nanny Housekeeper Duties:

  • Laundry, ironing, and tidying wardrobes
  • Dropping off and collecting the dry-cleaning
  • Cleaning the house
  • Tidying and organising the children’s play areas, including toys
  • Meal prep and cooking for children’s meals
  • Keeping the fridge organised, well-stocked, and clean and tidy
  • Doing the family’s grocery shopping online and taking in deliveries
  • Ensuring the house is tidy, that items are put away, and shared areas are clutter-free
  • Stay on top of school admin

This role entails fairly standard housekeeping duties. You’ll be responsible for maintaining all shared, family areas of the house. And ensuring it’s clean and tidy. You’ll help with meal prep, do the weekly grocery shop, and cook meals for the children. And whilst it would be very much appreciated you were able and willing to prepare a family meal, it’s not essential.

You’ll also ensure the children’s play areas and bedrooms and tidy and well organised. And sort toys and other times, and clothing, to ensure everything is kept in good condition and rotated as needed.

As both parents are busy professionals, you’ll step in when needed and liaise with the children’s school regarding paperwork, meetings, and other commitments. And your collaboration will no doubt be greatly valued when attending school functions or other events and activities.

Live-in Accommodation:

A large double bedroom with private bathroom is provided for the nanny.


  • A recognised childcare qualification
  • An up to date paediatric first aid certificate
  • Minimum at least 2 years experience
  • Enhanced DBS certificate
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