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Nanny Housekeeper

Nanny Housekeeper

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full-time, live-in positon; 2 boys aged 6 and 9

Nanny Housekeeper; Live-in

Job Ref: HN3731
Location: Littlebourne, Canterbury
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: £350 – £400 gross, per week

Full-Time, Live-In Professional Nanny Housekeeper Position With Family Of Two Boys in Littlebourne, Canterbury.

Happy Nest Nanny Agency is seeking a professional live-in nanny housekeeper who’s open to travel, to join this Canterbury-based family Monday through Friday. This is a full-time, live-in position, with a long term commitment (ideally).

This family live just outside Canterbury, in Kent, with their two boys aged 6 and 9. They live in a semi-rural setting, with a large family home set within an expansive field. Their eldest son has autism, and whilst you do not need to have previous experience with autism, you will be naturally patient and calm. You’ll also instinctively recognise when quiet time is most appropriate.

The ideal candidate will have a strong background with both nanny experience, and housekeeping experience. The successful applicant will be a strong cleaner, with a keen attention to detail. As a result, you’ll juggle housekeeping and children with ease. Furthermore, you must speak English well. And it would be highly valued if you could offer a second language such as French or Spanish.

The family’s current nanny housekeeper is finishing up in April 2020. Although they are sad to see her go, as she has had a huge impact on the family, and has successfully implemented a great routine for all, they’re happy for her to pursue new things.

As a result, this position is due to commence as soon as possible. And the successful live-in nanny housekeeper will receive guidance and training for this position from the current outgoing Canterbury-based nanny housekeeper.

This family travel regularly and enjoy frequent trips to Ibiza, as well as ski holiday. Therefore they would prefer the successful live-in nanny housekeeper to be open to travel, and to accompany them when possible.


  • 9 am to 12 noon; and 4 pm to 6.30 pm / 7pm
  • Monday to Friday

*approximate hours

These hours may vary slightly during school holidays and at other times when the children are off school. There is also the possibility of additional babysitting in the evenings, 1 to 2 times per week.


  • School pick-ups and drop-offs
  • Full household cleaning
  • Ironing (3 to 4 hours per week)
  • Prepare and offer healthy snacks to the children, and children’s dinners
  • Some cooking for the household (not always)

The weekly routine will typically consist of mornings dedicated to housekeeping, and the afternoons to childcare. Mum is home a lot of the time, so you’ll provide support and an extra pair of hands to care for the children.

The week is very relaxed, and things run smoothly. However, the ideal nanny housekeeper will be able to offer a level of flexibility. As some evenings you won’t be needed, whilst you might then help out with the boys on a weekend to allow the parents to go to the gym.

A large part of this live-in nanny housekeper role is devoted to full housekeeping and cleaning, and it’s vital you dedicate 3 to 4 hours per week to ironing. Naturally, throughout the day, you’ll do your best to keep the general household clean, tidy, and free of clutter.

Mum does much of the shopping and enjoys cooking the evening meal for the household. However, you will need to prepare dinners for the boys during the evenings. And it would be appreciated if you could prepare a family meal for all, on occasion.

The boys are mostly good eaters, although Mr 9 tends to eat the same meals each night due to personal preference. Generally, he loves noodles with peas and a side bowl of broccoli and green beans. As well as lots of fruit and veg. You might find Mr 9 could happily snack all day on healthy things, but of course, he does love a good biscuit! Whilst Mr 6’s favourite meal is a chicken casserole with rice, green beans, broccoli and loads of gravy!

The Children:

Mr 6 has an eclectic set of interests, from sports (particularly football and rugby) to drawing and arts and crafts. He’s a very sociable and chatty character (often chatting with anyone and everyone, he just loves people). And so naturally, he attends a musical theatre and drama club after school.

He loves singing and dancing and his favourite musical is ‘Cats’. So it’s no surprise then that he also is an animal lover. Like most boys his age we know, you’ll find he’s also fond of dinosaurs and enjoys swimming at weekends.

Mr 9 is quieter than his younger brother. As he is autistic, he has a set mix of interests and activities that appeal to him. You might find he can be hard to bond with at times, and as a result, you won’t get a lot back from him. Despite this, he’s a very pleasant young boy.

He likes to watch tv, and you’ll find he would do all day if it weren’t for his timer that keeps track of his viewing. Given his autism, Mr 9 really likes this timer and therefore responds well to rules and boundaries. He loves old Disney movies like Peter Pan, really enjoys his books and reading (he has hundreds of them in his room), and likes transport and buses.

In regards to Mr 9, it will be highly valued if you have some degree of understanding of autism. Although you do not need to have previous experience. You will simply need to be happy to take him to the park, and engaged him in activities that interest him and facilitate his needs.

You must be a driver to be successful for this position. Although you do not need your own car, as the family are happy to provide a car to be used during work hours.


Separate living quarters are available for the nanny housekeeper. You will enjoy a 1 bedroom annexe, with living room, bedroom, and bathroom.


  • A recognised childcare qualification
  • An up to date paediatric first aid certificate
  • Minimum at least 3 years nanny experience
  • Minimum at least 3 years housekeeping experience
  • Enhanced DBS certificate
  • Valid drivers licence
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