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Nanny Live Out – Occasional Overnight Stays

Nanny Live Out – Occasional Overnight Stays

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6-year-old and 2-year-old Twins

Nanny – Live Out, with Occasional Overnight Stays

Job Ref: HN3697
Location: Doynton, Bristol
Job Type: Part-time
Salary: Fully Negotiable

This role is a dream if you love the early years, and are keen to make a lasting impression on the growth and development of little people. Then again, we’re convinced you’ll soon find that these three precious children are the ones making an impact on you! 

Part-Time, Pet Friendly Nanny With Early Years Experience For Family of Three Littles in Doynton, Bristol

Happy Nest are seeking a kind, caring, and friendly nanny to join a family with three young children in Doynton, Bristol. This is a permanent, part time position, working a rolling 6-week rota.

Super friendly, happy, and easy going, these children –2-year-old twins, and a 6-year-old girl – come as a package deal, bundled together with their three lovable and easy going pet dogs. Speaking of easy going, so are the twins, who are growing (albeit all too fast) into lovely little people.

Now if you’re experienced in the art of caring for a two-year-old boy, you’ll know there’s not much time to sit around! Being quick on his feet, Mr Two is on the move, and loves to get his wellies on and run around outside. Also, his language skills are increasing at the speed of light each day. So you best be ready to counter all kinds of comebacks!

With that being said, Mr Two does love a good cuddle. And his Peter Rabbit comforter is an essential piece of equipment that will likely go with you to all kinds of places.

Like chalk and cheese, Miss Two on the other hand really loves her teddies and ‘taggies’ and is not quite as active. Although she too is walking and chatting and will likely give you a run for your money. Together, they both love reading and will often bring over a book to read. They love to sit down together with you, to look at the book and have a cosy cuddle.

Not be overlooked, let us introduce you to Miss 6. Although she needs no introduction; she’ll do that all herself. Spend 5 minutes conversing with Miss 6, and you’ll soon discover she’s a bright, inquisitive and very engaging young girl. She loves nature and playing outside, reading, and watching films (when she’s allowed…).


  • Permanent, part time role, working a rolling 6 week rota
  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 7.30am to 6.30pm; during weeks 1 to 5
  • Monday to Thursday, 6.30am to 7pm; during week 6
  • Possible additional overnight care during week 6, with notice provided


FYI – this permanent part time nanny role in Bristol is a mix of sole and shared care.

Mum works a busy schedule at a nearby hospital, and depending upon where the weeks fall within the rolling 6 week rota, may not be around as often. Therefore during these times, as the nanny you’ll have sole charge care of the children.

During other weeks, mum will likely be at home more often. Therefore the ideal nanny, will find switching between sole charge and shared care a breeze. You’ll enjoy the opportunity to support mum whilst she works, and take pride in knowing you’re providing the best, most attentive and loving care to your three littles in her absence.

On a day-to-day basis, this nanny role will encompass the things you’re well experienced in, and a dab hand at. You’ll be familiar with preparing healthy meals for children, undertaking the crazy morning school run rush, and with keeping a handle on the state of children’s areas at home.

And given your love for the early years, and for supporting little people with all of their firsts as they grow and develop (honestly, it’s just a shame you couldn’t have been there for their first steps), you’ll love the opportunity to take the twins to regular classes and activities.

Now it’s worth mentioning. You kind of have to love your puppers for this role. As whilst you’re not expected to walk the dogs (although for sure have a chat with mum about this if you’re keen to go walkies), taking a general interest in them, and puppy cuddles are definitely on the cards. And it goes without saying–whilst we know that as the nanny your role encompasses the care of the children, it honestly would be really helpful (and highly appreciated) if you wouldn’t mind feeding the dogs.

Disclaimer, here at Happy Nest we refer to all dogs as puppies. We just really love our four legged friends here at HQ. So like, how about regular pupdates? We’re in!

A car will be provided for the nanny to use during work hours. And to be successful in this role, you’ll need to have a full, and clean driving licence.

The ideal candidate will have the presence of mind to ensure all areas are covered, even when you don’t need to. Your experience in a similar sole charge role will mean you’re unflappable. You’ll likely have a backup plan in mind to account for the unexpected – always. And whether two legged, or four, you’ll be the type of person who’s always ready to give or receive a cuddle.

Note, this is a rolling 6-week rota position in sync with mum’s work commitments. During week 6 of the rota, there may arise the need for you to provide sole charge overnight care for the children. Notice will be provided for this in advance, however the successful applicant will need to be able to accommodate this shift pattern.



  • Must be a driver
  • An up to date paediatric first aid certificate
  • A recognised childcare qualification
  • Minimum at least 2 years experience
  • Enhanced DBS certificate
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