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Full Time Nanny Live out

Full Time Nanny Live out

Website happynestuk Happy Nest Nanny Agency

2 boys aged 4.5 years and 8-months

Full Time Nanny – Live out

Job Ref: HN3250
Location: Tarporley, Cheshire
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: £9 per hour, gross

Can you kick it old school with a little Mario Kart battle one minute, and volley a tennis ball the next?

Eyes in the back of your head? You’ll need them with this role. Mr 4.5 is an inquisitive and active little boy, and well, Mr 8-months old is about to become mobile. Need we say anymore? Busy.

Full Time Live Out Nanny for Family with Two Young Boys in Tarporley, Cheshire

Happy Nest are seeking an early years nanny to provide sole-charge care for two young boys. With mum returning to work part time, you’ll be providing nanny care for two boys aged 4.5 years and 8 months, Monday to Friday.

With a pre-walker, and a 4.5 year old on your hands, you’ll no doubt be busy! But don’t stress too much, your inner calm will keep things running smoothly throughout the day. It’ll also ensure you juggle everything thrown at you. So long as it’s not the discarded peas from Mr 8-months’ dinner plate!

You’ll be well positioned for this role if you’ve got several years experience as a nanny caring for pre-school aged children in the family home.

Which means you’ll be familiar with juggling two different ages, at very different stages of their exploration and development. And you’ll also be independent minded, needing very little direction.

A driver is a requirement for this role, as you’ll need to drop Mr 4.5 at school in the morning and collect him in the afternoon. It’s also advantageous if you’re Ofsted registered, although a willingness to become Ofsted registered will also do.


  • 7.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday


  • Morning and afternoon school runs
  • Meal preparation, including healthy snacks 
  • Support with homework, reading, and writing 
  • Child-related housekeeping duties 
  • Taking the eldest to after school activities 
  • All nursery duties

From the get go each morning; you’ll be busy with the breakfast routine first thing. There’ll be Weetabix to clean from the floor, and snacks to arrange for the day.

You’ll then drop the eldest at school, before exploring the world with Mr 8-months alongside. Everything is new to him at this stage of life, so remember to slow down a little, and let him appreciate the birds in the sky and the flowers along the footpaths.

Mr 8-months is on a good sleep routine. So, whilst you’ve got the flexibility to go out and about during the day – there’s a bunch of different baby and toddler classes and groups available for him to socialise with other babies – you’ll need to be mindful of his routine and naps.

Do you consider yourself something of a Masterchef? You’ll truly standout in this role if you’re a good cook.

Which really just means that you can prepare nutritious and healthy meals for little people from scratch using fresh ingredients. Whilst you’re at it, if you can do your best to smuggle in as many veggies as possible, then this role is perfect for you.

Keeping your Masterchef hat firmly on, you’ll need to be aware of allergies. The eldest is lactose intolerant, and the house has a strictly no nuts policy as mum is highly allergic.

We know that with an 8-month old about to launch himself into full on wreck-it-ralph mode as he becomes more mobile, it might prove tricky to keep the house in tip top shape. So rest assured, only child-related housekeeping duties apply here.

However, it will be greatly appreciated if you could clean up after meal times, ensure the children’s laundry is in order, and help the children to keep their play areas and bedrooms tidy.

Once the afternoons roll around (which happens quickly when you’ve got a little one having long day sleeps), you’ll collect Mr 4-almost-5 from school. He loves the outdoors and playing ball games in the garden, and is a keen tennis player. Slowing down a little as the cooler days bring you inside earlier, he also enjoys reading books, and dabbles in a little old school Mario Kart on his Nintendo.

As an experienced nanny, you’ll be able to help with homework. Most importantly, you’ll be familiar with the various techniques to encourage and support school aged children as they learn to read and write.

FWIW – we’re thinking word games in the car during the school run, sight games using reading prompt cards the two of you have created, and maybe some reading eggs.

Do you pride yourself on tapping into your emotional intelligence to anticipate mum’s needs and to understand what needs to be done?

Are you ready to hit the ground running each morning as you walk through the door, usually being met with half-dressed little people and a mum who’s trying to keep the toddler’s breakfast-covered fingers from staining her work clothes?

Additionally, can you keep a daily log of the happenings, should the daily handover gets cut short? Then prepare your CV and get ready to step up to the net, Mr 5 is ready for a doubles match and it’s your serve!


  • Must be a driver
  • Ofsted registered (preferred)
  • An up to date paediatric first aid certificate
  • A recognised childcare qualification
  • Minimum at least 2 years experience
  • Enhanced DBS certificate
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