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Maternity Nurse

Private maternity nurse care at home

A maternity nurse provides families with expert, specialist care for baby and mum during the first few weeks after birth in the comfort of their own home. Such invaluable support is there exactly when and where you need it, to help you adjust to your new family member and establish good feeding and sleeping routines.

Why hire a private maternity nurse?

The first few weeks of bringing a newborn home is difficult for almost every parent: it’s a whole new experience that everyone has to get used to.  Our maternity nurses are medically trained professionals that provide their specialist care for families in their own home.  It is your own dedicated carer, who will take special care of mum and baby, and also help with other children and support dad. Our maternity nurses are a huge help to any family, but more so in the following circumstances:

  • Mum has had a difficult birth or caesarian section
  • Twin & triplet newborns
  • If baby has some health problems
  • If baby has colic or reflux
  • If baby isn’t sleeping and mum & dad are exhausted
  • Where baby isn’t feeding well (breast or bottle)
  • In families with other young children
  • When other support isn’t available e.g. close family
  • If one parent works away a lot
  • If mum has post-natal depression

What is a maternity nurse?

A maternity nurse provides support on an almost 24 hour basis (usually 1 day off per week and some time during the day to rest) and is there to help establish routines and enable mum to rest and recuperate.

What is a night nanny?

A night nanny provides support from evening until morning and helps look after your baby and enables mum to rest.  If you’re breast-feeding, your night nanny can bring baby to mum for a feed and then settle the baby back to sleep.

Hire a night nanny

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Advanced Screening

Did you know less than 5% of applicants pass our superior vetting process: NannyHire Check™. See our process here.

Maternity nurse providing breast-feeding support

What support you can expect from your Maternity Nurse?

  • Typically parents schedule in advance for the most in-demand maternity nurses and they schedule times to fit their own requirements following the birth. Parents usually book a maternity nurse from 3-10 weeks with a maternity nurse providing live-in support 24 hours, five to six days a week.
  • They will assist the mother with nursing where needed and provide invaluable advice and support with sleep routines. They can also offer a wealth of information on new parents.
  • She can provide some child care support with older siblings if required to allow the parents to have some precious one-to-one time with their newborn.
  • Maternity nurses will also support you with bathing your baby, bottle sterilisation, maintaining the nursery and laundering the babies clothes.
  • She can also be called upon to provide relief and advice for parents when baby is having disturbed sleep due to colic or reflux, allowing the parents to have some rest.

Essentially, your maternity nurse is there to provide the support you need and be someone that you can rely on for help, advice and care.

Private maternity care costs

As private maternity care placements are short-term – usually 1-24 weeks – our usual nanny placement fees do not apply. Happy Nest charge £20 per shift with a minimum invoice fee of £195.

Our maternity nurses are self-employed and take care of their own tax and national insurance. They will provide you with an invoice, contract, and may also charge a deposit.

How do I find a private maternity nurse?

Happy Nest works with some of the most experienced maternity nurses in England and Wales. We are proud to have the highest standards when it comes to vetting and recruiting our experienced newborn child carers. Most come recommended to us so we can recommend them to you. Maternity nurses are a huge support to so many parents with expert newborn care, for specialist requirements, but generally to help aid the most positive experience for the whole family.

Maternity nurses can be arranged in advance and at short notice and can provide support on both a short-term and longer-term basis.

For a personal discussion, contact Happy Nest Nanny Agency on 0800 955 8868. We can inform you about our services in more detail and offer helpful advice based on your family’s individual requirements.  Alternatively, please use our contact form to send us your details and we’ll contact you as soon as we can.

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    Salary Rates | Maternity Nurse

    Happy Nest only represent maternity nurses with a minimum of at least five years professional newborn and child care experience. They are all over 21 years of age and have a valid and recent criminal background check (DBS Check). Maternity Nurses charge a rate dependant on the hours required and relevant to their experience and qualifications. As an example…

    Care option 1 for 24 hours over 5-6 days initially with the maternity nurse residing in the family home during this period. Maternity nurses usually charge £300-£400 for a 24-hour service.

    Care option 2 for specific days or nights whichever suits your schedule or routine best. Standard hourly rates are from £18-£25+ per hour depending on the hours and the individuals charge rates.

    For an informal discussion about our maternity nurse service, please contact Happy Nest Nanny Agency on 0800 955 8868.