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Nanny Payroll Service

Here at Happy Nest, we know that your time is precious to you and your family. That is why we’ve got you covered when it comes to setting up the payroll service and monthly payslips for your new nanny.

Our team here in Happy Nest Payroll will set everything up, so no need to worry about the daunting concept of enjoying an evening with the HMRC website. Our payroll service is headed up by our team of experienced accountants and all-round experts when it comes to nanny payroll.

If you have any questions about tax or some nanny overtime pay along the way you can simply drop an email to our payroll team and it will be taken care of promptly.

Nanny payroll services - Happy Nest

Happy Nest Comprehensive Payroll Service

The Happy Nest payroll service includes:

  • Register you as an employer for PAYE with HMRC
  • Deal with HMRC for all communications on your behalf
  • Calculations over salary are reviewed – gross pay/net pay
  • We will issue monthly nanny payslips and summaries to you
  • Issue monthly RTI returns to HMRC
  • Give you simple instructions on how much to pay HMRC quarterly
  • Deal with maternity pay and reclaims
  • Calculating holiday entitlements and sick pay
  • Our helpline and email advice for pay or tax questions
  • Provide a P45 if your nanny leaves
  • Submit the annual return (P35) at the end of each tax year
  • Provide the nanny’s P60 at year-end

Nanny Payroll Fees

£195 per annum

The Happy Nest Payroll service is a scheme developed specifically for families employing a nanny.

We take care of the essentials so you don’t have to.

If you have questions or would like to discuss our nanny recruitment service in more detail, please contact us on 0800 955 8868.

Employing a Nanny and your responsibilities

  • Register with HMRC and pay the taxes to them
  • Offer your nanny a pension
  • Set up a payroll service and provide your nanny with a payslips
  • Provide your nanny with an employment contract and ensure you understand your obligations as an employer under employment law
  • Check if you have Employers Liability Insurance ( This is usually covered in your household insurance policy but always good to check)


Employees must receive a payslip each time they are paid, even if paid in cash. This is a legal obligation as an employer.

A payslip must include:

  • total pay before deductions (Gross pay)
  • total pay after deductions (Net pay)
  • Any ‘variable deductions’ depending on salary earned: Tax National Insurance Student Loan Pension Contributions

Payslips might also include:

  • the time period the pay covers
  • tax code
  • hours worked
  • overtime

Happy Nest payroll service will ensure your calculations are correct and a payslip is sent every month.

Get in touch

To discuss your nanny contract please call us on 0800 955 8868 or use the contact form below:


    We will deal with HMRC with our fully comprehensive nanny payroll service ensuring all your responsibilities are taken care of.

    Registering you with HMRC as an employer and submitted all the Real Time Information required. This will be done for you every month along with a P60 to your nanny at the end of every tax year

    We will make you aware of any tax and national insurance liability due to HMRC on a quarterly basis and will let you know how, when and where to make this payment. You will receive quarterly documents (P32) for your records.

    Nanny Payslips 

    Happy Nest will be processing the payroll for your nanny, and every month we will email you the net amount you need to pay them, along with an e-payslip.  Payroll is calculated on a per calendar month basis which means that there will be equal payments spread over the year.

    Nanny & Auto Enrolment

    As you may be aware, as an employer, you are required to set up a workplace pension for your employee’s and automatically enrol them. You are required to make contributions to the pension scheme on behalf of the employee (unless they decide to opt out). Happy Nest Payroll services

    Nanny Contract Of Employment

    Here at Happy Nest, we know the importance of good communication between a family and their nanny. It is a unique relationship built on trust and understanding. Underpinning this relationship with a solid contract of employment is paramount. Happy Nest can provide a bespoke employment contract written by a professional solicitor along with professional legal advice from a family employment law specialist click here for more information